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    I was 18 years old n was doing my 12th. it was the time when i just finished off with my annual papers and went to stay with my Aunty and uncle who stays in Bangalore as i do it after my annual exams lets come to the story now. my cousin sister Sana(name changed) and i was very good friends she was 4 years elder to me and was 21 at that time with 5'6 in height and

    She was the fairest girl i have came across she was like milk n she was really beautiful with long hairs with vital stats 32 28 34. we used to call each other very often my Aunty and uncle also loved me a lot cause i was the only boy in our family so all loved me a lot Sana don't have any sister or brother thank to god for this. days passed in Sana's house n days went on with a week.

    One day Sana and i went to saw a movie we got the tickets then we sat down there in theater we were both with our pop corns and diet cokes thank god for my luck that movie was a horror flik in the middle of the movie it all started suddenly sana caught up my hand casue she was frightened n placed my hand near her stomach suddenly

    My mind trickled of with naughty ideas slowly slowly i dragged my hand from her stomach to her breast i could really feel her 32 in sized boobs for the first time in my life i already cum in my jeans at that time as i was placing my hand on her boobs suddenly Sana turned up against me n saw me with an anger face i suddenly lifted my hand from there.

    Time was tickling n then we came to the climax of the story it was really frightening suddenly Sana again took my hand n this time she placed it on her boobs i was totally amused i saw her she gave me a sweet smile n i knew what she wanted then slowly i indexed my finger n placed on her boobs n then fingers formed n it developed into hand then i was in

    Full force i was squeezing her boobs really tightly she was moaning slowly luck was favoring me cause i got the two corner tickets n Sana was sitting in the extreme left of the corner n i was besides her so no one was seeing what i was doing so i was busy with my work of squeezing her boobs suddenly i realized something on my bottom of jeans n that was Sana's hand

    She was finding my cock my cock was in it's proud 8 inch size by the time as it was all dark she couldn't find my dick so i helped her hand indexing my dick she then got hold of my dick from my top of jeans n was squeezing my dick tightly ghosh what a feeling that was to get seduced my dick by a beautiful girl n more on it was my cousin sister. i was in heaven that time suddenly i cum in my jeans for the second time

    That day my sperm was out of the jeans somewhat she touched my sperm n the very next second she took her hand cause she was feeling awkward casue it was her first time in the mean while i was placing my hand on her salwar then she pushed my hand and gave me a fright look and i understood she cum already. so the movie was over and after we came out of the theatre i was really ashamed for what i did to her

    She was like same as mine but suddenly i broke the silence and said what a scary movie it was she looked at me and said with a naughty smile it was horny rather than scary for me that words from her mouth really took out my burden off from me and we went to home reaching home Aunty was ready with lunch. me and Sana sat in opposite sides n was having our lunch but in my mind the movie was still going on what had happened with us in theater.

    Then i moved her by having our lunch n took her on some topics of studies n carrier mean time i got the courage n my dick was coming in its size again by seeing her in front of me tooking the charge i placed my leg some what near to her legs n started touching her leg by placing her salwar up and down with my leg Sana felt it and she indexed her eyes targeting towards

    Aunty n dragged her leg even more closer i too dragged my leg closer to me. we had our lunch and i went to take a shower n i masturbated one more time recollecting what had happened in theater with me. Sana also took her shower after mine and me Sana and Aunty was sitting in living room watching TV with our mango juice's as we all do in summer. in our hand's then the clock struck 7 and uncle came home from his job he was doing a

    Pretty good job as an a.s.m (area.sales.manager) in aditya birla group me and uncle sat in living room and had talks on various topics. and time came to have our dinner we all four members sat and had our dinner while we were having our dinner my eyes was looking at sana winklessly she too was seeing with the same enthusiasm we all had our dinner and uncle and

    Aunty left to their room saying us to sleep i was sleeping in the living room itself by sleeping on the taku bed which was arranged for my sleeping when i came here. Sana's room was adjacent to living room where as Aunty's room was in the corner of the house that night i was not sleepy till 1 i was busy in watching tv by lying on the bed suddenly i noticed as if she one is standing at back of me i was frightened at once but for my luck it was

    Sana she came to have water from kitchen she asked me am i not sleepy i said no not a bit she said same with me she said me do u wanna watch a movie on my computer if your not sleepy. i already knew her plans and said sure why not casue the computer was in her room so we went in her room and to my luck there was only 1 chair that too computer chair so no chance of sitting together in 1 chair

    My mind suddenly got working with his horny intentions and i said Sana we can move the computer table near the bed and can see the movie together she said that's a good idea and i moved the computer table near the bed and we sat on the bed and watched that movie it was a English science fiction movie suddenly a sex scene came in front of us i was thanking to god for that scene i saw Sana she was seeing that scene with shame in her eyes n she saw me and blushed.

    My dick was again coming to its size to my luck Sana asked me do u watch porn i was so shocked that i can't utter a word for her me was a great watcher of porn movies i had 30 gb of porn in my system that time but i said no to her wanted she said she too haven't seen it yet. mean while i was getting my feelings n was becoming bolder n bolder n said do u wanna watch a porn movie she said now i said yes

    Why not she said ok then i closed the media player and got on the porn site there was a lot of porn lesbians.gays,****** i said which 1 u would like to watch she said which ever u like so i picked up a straight porn movie and it was going on i was getting hornier than before cause i haven't seen a porn movie with a girl besides me. my dick was already hard on n cum in my shorts i was wearing shorts that time.

    Then with all my boldness i put my hand on her shoulder she saw me with a horny smile n blushed tehn i knew she wont say any thing to any one now then i proceeded the next level n put my hands on her lovely boobs n was pressing her boobs madly i was hearing her moaning aaaaahhhh i was getting bolder by her moaning then she turned against me n that time i kissed a girl for the first time in my life our tongue's met each other n we were giving each other french kisses then

    I started to bite her ear cause i knew that minus things of girls i was chewing her ears she was moaning louder n louder Aunty and uncle cant listen it cause their room was in corner so we were busy in each other work we then hugged n kissed our self's for 20 minutes then i took the next step i tried to remove her t-shirt she was wearing t-shirt n capri at bottom as we were not in an angle to which i can't remove her t-shirt then i said her to come on her knees and i too came on

    My knees in front of her then i took her t-shirt off then i saw the most beautiful boobs in the world covered with a black bra her black bra was taking my life out cause it was making me crazy by being on the fairest boobs i ever saw on earth cause i already said u in beginning that sana was fairest person i come along till yet. then i took its hooks from her back of her bra n undid her bra n saw the

    Heavenly 32 sized firm boobs with a pink color nipples on it i just loved them like crazy i took them in my hand it was so firm that it cant come in my palm at once but i took it firmly in my palms and started sucking like a baby whom is hungry from years i was sucking and biting her nipples then i saw her boobs becoming red cause of my hard pressure of squeezing and sucking them like a hungry baby.

    Meantime Sana placed her hand on my shorts n could feel my 8 inch thick dick which was coming out of my shorts cause i dint wear any thing in my shorts that time suddenly sana caught my shorts n removed n saw my dick and she said in hindi baap re tumhara kitna bada hai mujhe darr lag raha hai ab then i said in hindi kuch nahi hoga tum daro mat main tumhe bahot ahista karunga.

    Then she was making my dick to and fro and was rubbing it with her soft hands and suddenly to my surprise she took my dick in her mouth ohhh i ws feeling like i was on heaven my eyes closed due to its humanly reaction then i cum in her mouth to my surprise she licked all my sperm on her face her lips even her teeth i was so shocked and i asked her how u know to suck a dick she said i lied to u i saw porn a

    Number of times in my computer when i was horny so i said ok then u know how to fuck she smiled and said yes then i went down her and she was lying on the bed n i went towards her capri i was smelling her juices with my nose on top of her capri i knew she was already wet n had cum in her capri then i took her capri off i stared at her pussy she was not wearing any panty inside her capri her pussy was well cleaned with small bush on it

    Which was trimmed days before she was looking so sexy and beautiful for the first time i saw a nude girl in front of me live then i started to keep my hand on her pussy and started rubbing her vigorously she was moaning in feelings then she was getting bolder and said farru suck my pussy as i sucked your dick. i was speechless by her words my dick was coming back to original size and i was feeling pretty awkward cause it was my first assignment in sucking a girls pussy

    Then i somehow bend my head near her pussy n kissed her pussy for the first time she said aaaaahhhh luv u farru love u and i was getting feelings by her pussy smell i started to suck her pussy madly deeply then i knew what to do then i put my tongue inside her pussy n licked her clitoris she was moaning in pleasure and she asked how u know to suck a pussy then i replied i too lied to u i also had seen porn regularly then she said do it then.

    After her words i started my job of sucking her pussy n licking her clitoris she was pleasured by my sucking n licking then she cum her juices stared to flow from her pussy n i licked it madly it was my first time in licking it was salty horribly but i licked all her pussy then i said i m going to fuck u.she replied in a uttered voice do it but don't make me pregnant i smiled and said don't worry u r not going to get pregnant in 1st time.

    Then i was lying in a straight position on my hands on the bed n on my knees trying to enter her pussy. a 440 volts current flowed in my body when i first touched her pussy with my dick it was supremely good or me i was enjoying it then for the first time in my life i put my dick in a girls pussy omg her pussy was so tight my dick could hardly enter 3 inches of it she was crying n moaning in pain then i saw her tears coming out of her eyes coz of the pain then i was making my dick to and fro

    Making her pussy loosen up by doing this for about 5 minutes. then i thrust my dick inside her pussy thoroughly suddenly i hear a voice of Sana saying aauuuuhhh in pain she was saying this aaauucchh aaucchh i was stroking her pussy with all my force i was also feeling the pain cause it was my first time as well i was fucking her like a machine with all my force she was saying ahista farhaan plz ahista

    I was not about to listen to any words of her n was doing as what my conscience was saying me for about half n hour i fucked her like a hungry man for fuck i took this much time cause i already cum for 4 times that day so it took me a lot of fore playing to get my sperms out. mean while i was fucking her pussy madly and deeply like a dog then i was about to cum in after a nice half n hour fuck i said i am about to cum she said dont cum in my pussy pls i beg u and i don't wanna get pregnant pls so

    I was loving her inside my heart and said what ever u say sweetheart and i cum on her stomach n navel then i was really weak by the time cause i have cum 5 times all day n night n slept beside her then after a 15 min or so i was waked up by Sana n she said pls wear your clothes n sleep in living room cause mummy might watch it .i was in sleep then i said ok she was all freshen up

    And dressed as she was before but with a different capri i asked her where were u she said smiling mischievously i went 2 freshen up n now u go n fresh up ur self then sleep i then interrupted her saying and smooched her tightly she too was smooching with same passion then we kissed for about 5 minutes then i was doing as what she said n got freshen up n went to sleep.. that 30 days of my stay we fucked every night with out pause in between n i was in love with her but dint said

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    woaooooo realy nice story i like ur story and i remember those when i fucked my cusion sister...................

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    waoooooooo excellent story dearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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